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12 Impulse Buys of the Season

By amy • Dec 12th, 2010 • Category: Appetizers, Baked Goods, Supplies, Beverages, Candy, Canned Goods, Cocktail Garnishes, Condiments, Dressings, Oils, Vinegars, Fruits And Vegetables, Impulse Buy, Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Mixes, Pantry Items, Pasta, Grains, Beans, Prepared Foods, Seasonings, Spices, Snacks, Sweets, crackers, sauces, spreads

#1 Vosges Chocolate Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix 454g, $17.95 (yields 2 batches) available at fine food stores for more information visit In Shelf Life’s household, Christmas Day will start with this luxe mash-up. Produced by upscale chocolatier Vosges, fabled for their signature chocolate bar with bacon, the star attraction in this mix [...]



By amy • Nov 22nd, 2009 • Category: Columns, Dairy

“Like buttah!” Who could forget Mike Meyers on Saturday Night Live, sending up his fantastically Jewish mother-in law in the classic sketch Coffee Talk With Linda Richman? Oh. My. God. The poufy hair, the glamazon shoulder pads, the most perfect nails evah? The hilarious diva worship: “This show is dedicated as always to Barbra Joan [...]