Shelf Life. Your Ultimate Food Court Is Now In Session. Your Ultimate Food Court Is Now In Session.

Peter Carruthers

To each encounter, Peter brings 14 years as a chef in a private home in Canada and Arizona and an additional 20 at the helm as founder and president of Presidential Gourmet Fine Catering. Peter founded Presidential Gourmet in 1986 and has grown the business into a recognized and respected brand in the special events industry, planning and consulting on over 400 events per year in 60 fabulous and creative venues throughout Toronto. He supervises a sales, marketing, and food production team of 12 full-time professionals in the company. Peter believes in manifesting a delicate balance between style and substance. In other words, a driving principle of Presidential Gourmet is to create elegance in envisioning catered cuisine, followed by the logistics and practical delivery of that vision. His personal commitment to food and an event’s image is a very strong factor in the daily operations of the company and one that places customers at the centre core of all objectives. With new ideas and business ventures in Event Design he is always looking at how to best serve his clients. Peter’s sense of style, grace in manner and subtle sense of humor are legendary among customers, contemporaries and staff alike.

In 2007, Peter established a new company called 43degrees, a design collective specializing in experiential marketing, assisting elite corporations in creative solutions for brand expression.