Shelf Life. Your Ultimate Food Court Is Now In Session. Your Ultimate Food Court Is Now In Session.

Hall of Shame

Sometimes, when we’re out grocery shopping, Shelf Life gets pissed off. The chief reason for this – more annoying than piped-in Phil Collins hits; more blood-boiling than checkout counters that close as you arrive – is wasteful packaging.

Many of the items we need – and an equal number of the ones we don’t – are tarted up in superfluous wraps, layers, doo-dads, or ‘special’ containers, made of paper, plastic, glass or metal. It’s bad enough that most packaging amounts to litter in waiting, but the really egregious offenders seem to be panting to contribute to the world’s garbage.

Extra packaging is intended to add perceived size or freshness or brand appeal. It reflects a more-is-good attitude that the environment can no longer afford.

Enough. Culprits, consider yourselves busted. Product manufacturers, we’re throwing down a challenge: justify your dross.