Shelf Life. Your Ultimate Food Court Is Now In Session. Your Ultimate Food Court Is Now In Session.


Ten Questions for Shelf Life

A. Brouwer is a writer and food enthusiast living in Toronto.

A. Wilson is an art director/stylist/artist who loves to cook & currently resides in Toronto.

1-Your favourite potato chip flavour is:

A.B. Worcester sauce

A.W. Salt & Vinegar.

2-Right now, the oldest jar in your fridge contains:

A.B.: Ginger marmalade

A.W: Jar/Can – I’ve got a few relics. It’s a tie between a can of Dr. Browns Cel-Ray Tonic, a Diet Pepsi with lime from a Toronto Film Festival swag bag circa 2005, and an unopened, label missing jar of Gefilte Fish.

3- The crate of packaged food you’d most like to discover on a desert island contains:

A.B.: Mayonnaise

A.W.: The latest cheese box from Shay Cheese, an assortment of breads from Ace Bakery and a bushel of heirloom tomatoes.

4- One thing the major grocery stores should immediately change is:

A.B.: The blue menu items. They don’t address salt content, so they are misleading. A product with low fat or lots of fibre or omega -3 that is full of salt is not healthy.

A.W: Why not get a healthy butcher section in for those who want more responsibly produced meat?

5-The food they don’t make any more that you really miss:

A.B: Fox’s biscuits; also the excellent mushroom pate that Master Choice killed a few years ago. While I’m at it, can I also vote for the return of Marks and Spencer – at least their food floors – to Canada?

A.W.: I think they still make it, but I can’t get it in Canada; My-T-Fine Chocolate Pudding Mix.

6-Favourite food shopping experience:

A.B. Harrod’s Food Hall in London

A.W.: Farmer’s Market at 3rd & Fairfax, or Grand Central Market, both in Los Angeles,

7-Favourite food shopping experience in Canada:

A.B.: Granville Market in Vancouver.

A.W.: Marche’ Atwater & Jean Talon in Montreal.

8- Which would you prefer – a cup of Russian Caravan tea, a slug of Wild Turkey, or a double double?

A.B. Actually I like a really good lemonade, with a ball of opium at the bottom. I’m kidding about the last part.

A.W. A martini please, straight up with two olives.

9- What is your favourite moment involving packaged food in the movies?

A.B. I like the android women in The Stepford Wives, wearing long ruffled dresses and blank expressions while they push their carts up and down the aisles.

A.W. You can’t beat Soylent Green, which is a sci-fi film from the 70s. In the over populated future people are forced to eat coloured wafers. Spoiler alert: “Soylent Green is people!”

10- Where do you see yourselves in five years?

A.B.: Hopefully visiting a large grocery store and admiring every single item for its environmentally responsible packaging. Also I’d like to write a script about a sample lady who gets mixed up with the Mob.

A.W.: I’m still thinking about this, I’ll get back to you.

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