Shelf Life. Your Ultimate Food Court Is Now In Session. Your Ultimate Food Court Is Now In Session.

Food Jammers

The Food Jammers are left tot right; Micah Donovan, Christopher Martin and Nobu Adilman

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Micah Donovan:

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Micah Donovan grew up on French home cooking, grits, and Friday night barbecue sandwiches in North Carolina.

He went to IB high school in St. Pete, Florida, later moved to Paris, studied Art History at the Sorbonne, dropped out, became a chauffeur and painter.  This fueled his record buying habits, propensity for cheap bistro lunches, and pinball playing in the corner cafés. He started a BFA in Kansas City, which he finished in Halifax at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Interested in community art projects, making and urban agriculture, he has worked closely with Spiral Garden at Bloorview Kids Rehab, in Toronto, as a designer and arts program coordinator for children with and without special needs.

He’s co-hosted several seasons of Food Jammers on Food Network Canada as well as Invention Nation for Discovery Science, USA.  He lives in Toronto, a great city for eating.

Chris Martin:

Christopher Martin was born and raised in Toronto. As an infant-child, he observed and participated in the family rituals of cooking with interest. On one occasion, when muffins were being made and the cook was not looking, Chris added a large amount of salt. As a result, the muffins were sparkling, crusty and photogenic, but very inedible: the Salty Muffin. His first lesson was that certain foods may appear appetizing, but might not taste good.  

His second major lesson occurred in rural Ontario, at the peak of the harvest season, under the guidance of his Hungarian elders. They were cooking their annual outdoor traditional stew, in a cast iron cauldron, with yellow sweet peppers, paprika, smoked sausage, fresh tomatoes, bacon and onions. He realized that everything tastes good when cooked over a wood fire.

Chris is currently co-hosting season three of the television series Food Jammers. Other activities that occupy his time include art projects that involve elaborate metal sculpture and in the studio airbrushed abstract paintings.

Nobu Adilman:

As an eater Nobu Adilman went pro at an early age, helping his father review restaurants in and around Toronto. He has gone on to make films, music and television, most recently as a co-creator/host/creative producer of Food Jammers, seen on Food Network Canada.