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Abokichi – Okazu, Crunchy Oil Condiment

By amy • • Feb 13th, 2016 • Category: Condiments, Dressings, Oils, Vinegars, Impulse Buy, Seasonings, Spices

Abokichi – Okazu

Chilli Okazu, Curry Okazu

250 ml, $9.99 each

available at Toronto’s Abokichi Store or online @

for more information visit

Where does life begin? Shelf Life doesn’t have answers to the big metaphystical questions, but we’ve got a handle on some of the smaller items. Take, for example, these unique Asian-inspired condiments, which were conceived in a tiny retail space in Toronto. Abokichi owners Jess Mantell and Fumi Tsukatamoto started off selling rice balls known as Onigiri in Japan, as common and as beloved as pizza slices, and then expanded into other casual foods. Along the way, they perfected a mashed-up concoction to go with the rice, made of sesame oil, miso paste, fried garlic and onion, and spices. Customers started buying the condiment, dubbed Okazu, and found new uses for it: on eggs, burgers, sandwiches, steak, chicken, pasta, and vegetables. And so a star was born, in two flavours: Chili and Curry. The Chili version has a lovely crunch from the sesame seeds and onions and garlic, and the perfectly blended spices confer an instant hit of irresistible umami. Shelf Life has used it on sweet potatoes (terrific); sliced cold chicken breast (out of this world); and in a chicken broth (a miracle cure for winter ailments). The Okazu Curry is equally crunchy, boffo, and addictive. The product’s birthplace, the Abokichi, means, fortunate avocado. We tried Okazu on an avocado, which turned out to be fortunate for all of us.

Ozaku Chili, Ozaku Curry


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