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Soma Chocolate – Birch Branch

By amy • • Dec 5th, 2015 • Category: Chocolate, Christmas sweets, Dessert, Holiday Food, Impulse Buy, Sweets

Soma Chocolatemaker

Birch Branch


available at Soma stores (2 locations) in Toronto

& on line by request at

To those doubters who still deny that the process and production of food can be an art form, Shelf Life says: shake a stick at this. The Toronto-based Soma artisanal chocolate people would like you to place something special under the family tree this year – an edible branch. A replica of an actual fragment of Canadian forest, this mini-log is made of dark chocolate, hazelnut crunch, and blackcurrant jelly. Not too long, not too thick, packed in a simple, handsome box – complete with shaved-wood curls – this inspired hunk of stick is uncannily lifelike (it even features the warts and nicks birch bark is heir to). It’s positively sculptural. The branch came about after Soma’s tree-obsessed founders (“if there was a muse at Soma it would definitely be a tree.”) went for a walk in the woods near Lindsay, Ontario, and spotted a likely model for a chocolate mould.

After the awesome eyeful, Shelf Life wanted to know: what’s inside? The website explains: “This special Xmas edition of our branch is our take on the HBJ (Hazelnut Butter and Jelly) sandwich with chocolate as our special guest. Chocolate hazelnut butter with smile-inducing crunch (inspired by the texture of perfect toast) and a lip-smacking ribbon of blackcurrant jelly in the middle.“ For Shelf Life, a single slice tells the whole story: lovely delicate dark choc coating; wonderful texture on the hazelnut filling; and sassy jelly.

Admittedly expensive, ridiculously Instagram-friendly, and – sunny ways, people – perfect for sharing, the Filled Birch Branch is the sweet of the season. Note to Soma people: next year, a life-sized chocolate canoe?


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