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Prima – Granola & Energy Bars

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Prima Food For Sport

Granolas: Coconut and Almond; Cinnamon and Blackcurrant
350g, $ $5.98 each

Energy Bars: Cherry and Coconut; Chai Spice; Salted Chocolate and Peanut; Ginger Pistachio
Bars 58g, $3.50 each

available at Mountain Equipment stores and on-line

Shelf Life imagines that there is only one thing more difficult than launching a granola-and-energy-bar business, and that is launching said business in British Columbia. B.C. really does have a streets-paved-with-kale, hemp-with-everything vibe, and competition for the fitness dollar is fierce. Interestingly, North Vancouver – where Prima’s all-natural, superfood-driven products are (hand) made – is packed with outdoor types who aren’t casual health food munchers but seasoned athletes who are serious about sports. It’s these people – the Grouse Grinders and the kayak marathoners – that the products are aimed at; they’re specifically formulated to support intense workouts. Says Dave Vukets, sports nutritionist and founder of Prima: “Fats and protein from nuts or seeds will keep your stomach full for the day’s training … and the complex carbs from oats and quinoa will be there when you need them.” Fair enough, but right now Shelf Life needs these items to taste good. And it has to be said that one of the granolas – the Coconut and Almond – and at least one of the energy bars – the Ginger Pistachio – are outstanding. The Coconut Almond blend amounts to a bowlful of terrific, being free of the things that plague granolas – dustiness, dryness – instead offering a balanced mix of fresh-tasting nuts and grains, lightly sweetened to perfection with a drop of Canadian honey. As for the energy bars, we’re besotted with the rich, chewy, shot-through-with-zing Ginger Pistachio; it’s the torch bearer. Don’t sweat the small stuff; try them all.

Prima Coconut and Almond Granola: FIVE STARS *****

Prima Ginger Pistachio Energy Bar: FIVE STARS *****

All Other Prima Products: THREE AND A HALF STARS ***1/2   

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