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President’s Choice – Recipe to Riches Products

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President’s Choice Recipe to Riches products;

PC Italian Lollipops – 10 pieces, 210g, $9.99

PC Jammin’ Jamaican Lobster Bisque – 220ml, $3.99

PC Grandpa’s Acadian Meat Pie – 800g, $9.99

PC Mini Cheesecake Cups – 220g, 10 X 22g, $7.99

PC Mexi Mac ‘n’Cheese Bites – 12 pieces, 372g, $6.99

available at Loblaws stores and wherever President’s Choice brand is sold

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Shelf Life learned three things from the recently aired CBC reality series Recipe To Riches; 1) Carlo Rota can really rock a suit; 2) Canada’s home cooks are a gifted, likeable, and diverse bunch (even if they’re edited that way); and 3) PC’s 2012 Butter Chicken Lasagna is the product to beat – to date it remains the most successful PC Recipe to Riches item. Shelf Life decided to round up the 2014 finalists – including the winner, the Mexi Mac ‘n ‘ Cheese Bites – and taste the young guns for ourselves. First up were the Italian Lollipops; this recipe is probably delightful when freshly made but loses something in mass production; we found them salty and oily. Next, Shelf Life exchanged hot words over the Lobster Bisque; one of us went wild for its creamy, spicy, coconutty richness. The dissenting opinion: great recipe, but why do the lobster bits have an odd texture?  Grandpa’s Acadian Meat Pie (since Alcide Desveaux is Acadian, why not call him Grandpere?) is big, fat, homey, and stuffed with meat – no gravy, no fillers – not to mention the fact that this tasty budget-friendly dish serves four people. The Cheesecake Cups were sweeter and smaller than we expected, but will find their fans. The Mac and Cheesers were a smash: toothsome chewy/crispy textures; irresistible cheese and heat; perfect 2-bite size. Overall conclusion? If consumers can get over the twee packaging (and the trans fat content in these products), the RtoR roadshow will roll on.

Italian Lollipops TWO STARS**

Mini Cheesecake Cups TWO AND A HALF STARS**1/2

Lobster Bisque THREE AND A HALF STARS***1/2

Grandpa’s Acadian Meat Pie FOUR STARS****

Mexi Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bites FOUR AND A HALF STARS ****1/2

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