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Kombucha Wonder Drink

By john • • May 15th, 2008 • Category: Beverages, Impulse Buy

Kombucha Wonder Drink
Asian Pear And Ginger Blended With Oolong Tea

252ml, $1.99

Available at specialty stores and boutique grocers; for more information visit

In ancient Asian lore, the nourishing drink Kombucha confers well-being and longevity. Traditionally, it is made by cultivating the ‘kombucha mushroom’ (not an actual ‘shroom, but a bacterial culture, somewhat like a fungus) in sugared black tea. According to their website, the Wonder Drink people have updated the process, while keeping kombucha’s special properties intact. Shelf Life loves the idea of drinking miraculous murk. Besides, any product name that sounds like a martial arts move gets us halfway to the cash register. This particular blend – there seem to be at least five varieties of these drinks – impressed us from the first sip. Bold without being aggressive, exotic without being bizarre, authentic without being pleased with itself, this pear and ginger combination not only tasted terrific but perfectly satisfied our thirst. Kombucha Wonder Drink adds up to just about everything you want in a summer refresher – it’s punchy, fragrant, and naturally sweet. Shelf Life – usually the first one to gripe if we can’t taste every ingredient advertised on the package – actually did discern Pear, Ginger, and Oolong Tea (interestingly, in that order on the palate). Our co-quaffers, a pair of oenophiles, remarked that fermented tea doesn’t taste like pop, or any of the usual stuff you get in convenience store coolers, because it zings near those areas on the tongue reserved for alcohol. We’ll drink to that, we said. Somewhere, a fungus is glowing with pride.



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