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Bella Casara – Ricotta Cheese

By amy • • Oct 12th, 2013 • Category: Cheese, Dairy, Impulse Buy

Bella Casara

Ricotta Cheese

300g, $5.49

available at Loblaws, Longo’s and many other independent stores across the GTA and Southern Ontario

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There’s a word for this product: mandatory. One taste of Bella Casara’s ravishing ricotta and Shelf Life realized that we can run but we can’t hide; this cheese is our new normal. Until recently, the Vaughan-based dairy producers were best known for their Buffalo Milk Mozzarella and Italian Soft Blue cheese. When their Ricotta took top prize at the 2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, the product was catapulted into the critical stratosphere. Lately Shelf Life has felt the need to shake up our stuffed pastas, so we decided to try the newcomer. At %14 the cheese contains at least double the milk fat of most supermarket ricottas, and is specially packaged to preserve freshness. It is strikingly white, with a powerful aroma of fresh milk, and the texture is almost fluffy. The flavour is award-winningly smooth and creamy, with perfectly-pitched tang. There are none of the humdrum qualities that plague ordinary ricottas – it’s all pure pleasure. Dreamy cheesecakes; delectable gnocchi; fabulous heirloom tomatoes with walnut oil and fresh bread – the long list of our fantasy ricotta recipes starts here. Not to forget fresh figs, or dollops of this cheese on our favourite pizza. This is a rare item indeed – a truly artisanal product available in big-box retailers (around these parts, anyway). Let us give thanks for Ontario herds.



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