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Emma – Parmissimo Cheese Snacks

By amy • • Sep 11th, 2013 • Category: Cheese, Impulse Buy, Snacks

Parmissimo Cheese Snack

5 Individually Wrapped Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Bar Snacks

100g, $9.99

available at fine food stores

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Recently Shelf Life offered a solution for gourmets suffering from separation anxiety; we championed Mini Oliva balsamic dressing, which is packaged in single-serve take-anywhere pods. Now Italy’s Emma brand has come up with a similar idea for deskbound epicures; individually wrapped Parmigiano-Regginao cheese bars. Certified by the Parmigiano-Reggiano Consortium, there are five 20g snacks. They’re the real deal, and a welcome touch on salads and crackers (note: parmigiano is a hard cheese, so pack a knife). For people with small appetites, or who dine alone, they’re an alternative to the tyranny of large cheeses, which tend to slowly expire in the fridge. Shelf Life prizes these morsels not only because they deliver a delicious sylvan tang on the go, but because they’re a more satisfying choice for the 3 o’clock doldrums than a chocolate bar or a muffin. This product is simply a better class of nibble, a point reinforced by the swank Emma Mouse mascot, who manages to sport both a pocket handkerchief and a cravat without looking cheesy.


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