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McClure’s – Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

By amy • • Mar 30th, 2013 • Category: Beverages, Cocktail Garnishes, Condiments, Dressings, Oils, Vinegars, Impulse Buy, Juice, Seasonings, Spices


Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

32 fl. oz. $8.79

available at fine food stores

for more information visit McClure’s Pickles

Don’t know about you, Canada, but we could use a drink. It’s been an infuriatingly persistent winter, and it seems like just yesterday Shelf Life toiled over a massive holiday dinner. Now Easter is nearly here and before the hubbub begins again we’re determined to chill, if only for a moment. Since we admire this company’s fabled pickles, McClure’s Spicy Bloody Mary mix looks like a safe bet. It’s made from pickle brine, tomato paste, fresh cucumber juice and other fresh spices and seasonings. Cheers, then. First thought: pickle juice. Second thought: care for some vodka with that pickle juice? This is intensely acidic stuff, so amped up with dill and vinegar it thwacks the senses (vinegar is listed as the first ingredient). The tomato is literally lost in the mix, and the other constituents are similarly confined to the back. Granted, this is a spicy product, and yes, a Bloody Mary offers a lot of latitude (it’s known as the world’s most complex cocktail) and okay, people in Brooklyn and Detroit may prefer freaky strong whup. But this hooch is for extremists only. On second thought, though, it may help us with dinner. Ceviche, anyone?


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