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Pete’s tofu 2 go

By amy • • Jul 28th, 2009 • Category: Impulse Buy, Prepared Foods, Snacks

Pete’s Tofu 2 go
Sesame Ginger with jazzed ginger soy sauce

175g, $2.99

Available at health and fine foods stores.

For more information visit;

Et tu, tofu? Shelf Life is wary of products that come with enclosed sauce; the dips and other add-ons hardly seem worth the effort, because they’re generally not very good. And here we go again – this allegedly ‘zesty’ ginger soy sauce floats no boats. The tofu, on the other hand, has possibilities. It’s not the world’s best of its kind – that would be the silky-textured, Japanese-style tofu – but these four chunks are serviceable and versatile, with a balanced sesame-ginger tang and a crumbly, almost hamburger-like texture. If you’re a tofu beginner, now is a good time to sample the mighty bean, because it can be used in many summer mealtime hits, including salads, stir-fry, kebabs, and wraps. Shelf Life currently has a few promising spring-roll type ingredients lying around – red peppers, lettuce, coriander, plus the tofu for protein – so we’ll probably end up with some kind of vegan mash-up/roll-up. Which we will snarf while in search of authentic dipping sauce.


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