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Société­-Orignal – Seashore Honey / Miel Maritime

By amy • Dec 27th, 2015 • Category: Condiments, Dressings, Oils, Vinegars, Impulse Buy, Sweets, spreads

Société­-Orignal – Seashore Honey / Miel Maritime 300g, $15 available at gourmet and health food stores, for more information & to order on-line: This is an elegant and incomparable product, and in some ways it can’t be separated from the unique colony that produced it. Société­-Orignal is a collective of artisanal food producers specializing [...]


Cream Cheese

By amy • Apr 18th, 2015 • Category: Cheese, Columns, Dairy, Uncategorized, spreads

Insofar as a product sold in blocks and tubs can be said to have a personality, cream cheese displays a New York state of mind. The soft cheese was perfected and developed in nineteenth century New York State, thanks to a conflation of manufacturing moxie, eye-catching advertising, and an abundance of grazing pastures. Later, as [...]


Wowbutter – Toasted Soy Bean Spread

By amy • Sep 13th, 2014 • Category: Impulse Buy, Pantry Items, Snacks, spreads

Wowbutter Toasted Soy Spread – Peanut Butter replacement 500g, $4.99 widely available for more information visit Sincerity, responsibility, restraint: don’t get us wrong, Shelf Life loves the qualities associated with artisanal products. Every once in a while, however, we fall for items with old-fashioned razzamatazz. We’re suckers for splashy pitches, eg. ‘Homemade flavour!’ ‘Now [...]


President’s Choice – Summer Sauces

By amy • Sep 6th, 2014 • Category: Condiments, Dressings, Oils, Vinegars, Impulse Buy, Prepared Foods, sauces, spreads

President’s Choice Sauces: Ancho Chipoltle; Aioli; Not So Secret Burger Sauce; Chimichurri each 250ml, $2.50 available at Loblaws stores and wherever President’s Choice brand is sold for more information visit Many of Shelf Life’s wardrobe essentials will be making the cut from summer to fall – likewise, some of our warm-weather food favourites will [...]


Dulce de Leche

By amy • May 24th, 2014 • Category: Baked Goods, Supplies, Columns, Condiments, Dressings, Oils, Vinegars, Dairy, Dessert, Sweets, sauces, spreads

Shelf Life likes this recent news item: “In San Francisco, a Girl Scout sold 117 boxes of Dulce De Leche and Tagalong cookies after setting up shop outside a medical-marijuana dispensary – a 46% increase over the product she moved in the same time span outside a Safeway.” (Time Magazine) Nice anecdote; however, had Shelf [...]


Carolina’s – Artisan Brownie & Fleur de Sel-Dulce de Leche

By amy • Feb 13th, 2014 • Category: Baked Goods, Supplies, Cookies, Dairy, Dessert, Impulse Buy, Snacks, Sweets, sauces, spreads

Carolina’s Box Of Goodness Artisan Brownie & Fleur de Sel Dulce de Leche large brownie, Dulce de Leche jar 110 ml; $12.50 total available at select retailers and markets in Ottawa area: for more information & to order online visit or “Valentine’s Day?” remarked a friend of ours the other day, “Isn’t the [...]


Korean Citron Honey Tea & Senbei Rice Crackers

By amy • Feb 1st, 2014 • Category: Baked Goods, Supplies, Beverages, Cocktail Garnishes, Cookies, Dessert, Impulse Buy, Jam & Jelly, Snacks, Sweets, Tea, crackers, spreads

T&T Brand Products Korean Citron Honey Tea 1 kg,  $5.49 Senbei Rice Crackers 300g; $3.88 available at T&T Supermarkets and at Loblaws banner stores for more information visit Jan. 31 marks the Year of The Horse, and Shelf Life plans to toast this Chinese occasion the True North way – in happy mishmash fashion, [...]


Preservation Society – Fall Sweater Jam

By amy • Dec 5th, 2013 • Category: Fruits And Vegetables, Impulse Buy, Jam & Jelly, Prepared Foods, spreads

Preservation Society Fall Sweater Jam 270ml, $10.00 some products available from; see also Recently Global TV’s Morning Show hosted Erin Maynes from, who presented a selection of holiday hitmakers from her site, eg. artisanal items ideal for stuffing stockings and wowing Santa. Shelf Life liked the look of Mark McEwan’s gift basket, [...]


Ontario Honey

By amy • Nov 30th, 2013 • Category: Columns, Pantry Items, Seasonings, Spices, Sweets, Syrups, spreads

Question: Bee populations need to be restored – where can we start? Answer: Let’s treasure the fruits of the hive. Many factors have produced a perfect storm of hazards for honeybees both wild and domestic. Among them: pesticides; parasites; habitat destruction; shortsighted agricultural management; and climate change. The terroir of the honeybee – ie. the [...]


Sussex Valley Classic Mayonnaise

By amy • Aug 25th, 2013 • Category: Condiments, Dressings, Oils, Vinegars, Impulse Buy, spreads

Sussex Valley Condiment Company Classic Mayonnaise 236g, $7.99, available at Loblaws and other major food retailers for more information visit Some products are like the air we breathe and the ground we walk upon – so entrenched and ubiquitous that a century can elapse before consumers scrutinize a certain benign despot and ask, ‘Who [...]